Hey, I'm
Kaitlyn Arneson


Incredible Health

Senior Business Operations Manager | July 2021 - Current


This July, I started something new at Incredible Health.

Incredible Health is a marketplace platform that matches the right nurse with the right role at the right employer.

I love helping people discover their talents and launching them into greatness. So I jumped at the chance to join a brilliant team on a mission to help healthcare professionals find and do their best work.

Time Doctor

Business Operations Manager | Aug 2020 - May 2021
Business Operations Consultant
| Jun 2020 - Aug 2020


In August 2020, I quit my job at Lyft.

Why did I leave a wonderful, stable job in the middle of a pandemic?

Throughout my nearly four years at Lyft, I primarily worked remotely. What once felt like a necessary evil due to my geography, quickly became a new way of life.

Remote work allowed me to do my best work with incredible flexibility.

On a larger scale, remote work reduces carbon emissions, gives employers the flexibility to hire the best talent without geographical limitations, and gives employees opportunities beyond their economic, transportation, and geographical situations.

Cities are no longer essential and expensive offices are no longer necessary.

When given the opportunity to join a startup with the mission of spreading the practice of Remote Work worldwide, it was an easy "yes".


Market Operations Program Manager - Midwest Outer | Mar 2019 - Sep 2020
Global Operations Associate - Twin Cities
| Apr 2018 - Mar 2019
Community Associate (Contractor) | Nov 2016 - Apr 2018


In Nov 2016, I received a call from the then-Operations Manager at Lyft. Lyft was expanding to the Midwest and they were looking for talent to help launch Lyft locally. I was intrigued by the opportunity to do something new at a promising tech startup. I started the next week.

Working at Lyft was a bit of a trial by fire. We were doing something that had not been done before. We were an underdog in a market that still distrusted the whole ride-share concept. Our team was small and there was a ton of work to be done.

But I wanted to change the future of transportation across U.S. cities - eliminating the need for personal car ownership and opening up transportation access to marginalized groups. I wanted to do something impactful. My passion drove me through those tough first few years.

In that first year, I launched 4 new markets and onboarded 3500+ new drivers. By my third year, I had watched Lyft grow from hundreds of employees to thousands. I experienced the stress and relief and pride of helping to take a company public.

By the time I left, I was working to improve operations across 21 Midwest markets, frequently traveling across the country, and learning from some of the most talented folks in the ride-share space.

I will be forever grateful for everything I learned at Lyft.

University of Minnesota

MS, Botany & Plant Biology


I took a several-year hiatus to learn about myself and explore the world.

At the end of this time, I was offered a grant at UMN where I completed my Masters of Science in Botany. Plants have always been a hobby of mine and this degree was a passion project to its fullest.


User Services, Content Evaluation (Contractor) | April 2012 - Nov 2013


After closing up shop at my own business, I spent just over 1.5 years at Twitter. In my role on the Human Computation team, I helped with the development of early moderation guidelines and provided feedback on new platform tools. Our goal was to eliminate abusive or harmful content as the platform exploded in size.

The work was at times difficult and exhausting, but incredibly rewarding and often invigorating. Our team was small but mighty and I'm proud of the work I did in making Twitter a more kind place.


Founder + Web Designer | Aug 2010 - Jan 2014


While still at Nova, I launched a freelance web design business as an alternative to the retail or restaurant work that many of my peers were doing. I taught myself HTML / CSS between classes and began designing websites for local businesses.

I quickly discovered that I wasn't great at design but loved running a business. I hired 3 other student designers so I could focus on the operations side.

During that time, I learned how to build a brand and run a business. I learned how to acquire new clients and manage finances. I learned how to manage people and projects. These skills laid the foundation for my work today.

Villanova University

BA, Organizational Leadership


I completed my second degree at Villanova. My talented professors pushed me to explore the world and to take risks. They encouraged innovation and developed me into a more competent leader. While at Villanova, I joined Tri Delta where I met lifelong mentors and friends.

My time at Villanova changed my life and gave me a framework for leadership that I still lean into.

Hamline University

BA, Linguistics


I spent 2 years studying at Hamline University within a tight-knit and highly competitive program. Here my professors taught me to challenge my own worldview, think deeply, examine bias, and speak thoughtfully.

Studying linguistics was an interesting mix of art and science - examing language as a human and social phenomenon while learning to analyze complex data sets.

During my final year, I had the opportunity to live and study abroad in Russia which really expanded my worldview. At Hamline, I discovered a love of learning that developed the foundation of my academic life.


Have the audacity to take risks.

Be kind, always. No matter what.

Perseverance will take you further than ambition.

Live playfully and never stop exploring.


I share my thoughts on leadership and the future of work, among other things, at Medium. Follow me there or add me on LinkedIn.


I live in Denver, CO with my Saint Bernard and Border Collie. We like to climb mountains and explore the wilderness. In my free time, I paint and create art. I have a prolific collection of houseplants with 100+ unique species (including a small collection of carnivorous plants).

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